12 Simple Ideas For an Amazing Woodland Themed Baby Shower

12 Simple Ideas For an Amazing Woodland Themed Baby Shower

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The Woodland theme is such a popular one right now for baby showers and it’s easy to see why – the cute little woodland animals, the cozy feel and abundance of ways to pull off the theme!

Putting a themed party together can be a lot of work, but there are also a heap of simple, yet super amazing ideas you can do that don’t require some crazy DIY skills or a heap of money. Here are 12 of those anyone-can-do ideas for a woodland themed shower.


  1. Wooden squirrel decorations

These are adorable, and only $1.50 each! Check them out on Etsy here.

Image source: Etsy

2. A simple table runner

Image source: Karaspartyideas.com

Set the scene on the table with a rustic table runner. Either burlap or a moss table runner create the perfect backdrop for whatever else you want to decorate the table with.

3. Chalkboard Signs

Image source: http://www.100layercakelet.com/2015/01/07/fox-and-forest-baby-shower-by-m2-photography/

There are heaps of ways you can use these, and the added bonus is they can be re-used with new messages in the future. Mama-to-be may love to use them in the nursery too once they’ve done their baby shower duty. There’s a nice rustic framed one available on Amazon here.

Some cute woodland themed messages you could put on them:

-We can bearly wait

-Oh deer little mister is nearly here

4. Wishing tree decoration and keepsake

Image source: Beau-coup.com

Instead of  a guest book, you can have guests write their messages on the leaves of the tree. This would look adorable in the nursery as well. Available at beau-coup.com

5. A rustic banner

These are simple and cheap to DIY. Amazon has lots of different pre-made banners for around $5-$15 depending on the size and style. This is a good sized and well priced one. Then you can get some letter stencils to paint on whatever message you’d like – or freehand write it if you like!


6. Pine Cone Cheese Ball

Image source: allrecipes.com

What could be more perfect for a Woodland theme than food that looks like a Pinecone! This is such a crowd pleaser too. There are a heap of different cheese ball recipes online to cover all tastes, here’s a highly rated one at allrecipes.com

7. Smore Bites

Food - Smore Bites

Image source: Grey Grey Designs

These not only look amazing with a Woodland theme, they’re super easy to make AND delicious! Find out how to make them over at Grey Grey Designs .

8. Bear poop

There are two ways you can go with this. The first is this super yummy and easy recipe for bear poop cranberry peanut clusters available at glitternspice.com.

Image source: glitternspice.com

You can also just put some Milk Duds in a bowl, put a ‘bear poop’ sign, and you’re done!

Image source: Pinterest


9. Personalized rustic favor boxes

No matter what you want to put in them, these rustic favor boxes suit the woodland theme to a tee! Available at Beau-coup.com

10. Bird’s nests filled with egg shaped candy

Image source: Beau-coup.com

THE cutest favors ever! Get them at Beau-coup.com

11. Homemade trail mix

Image source: evermine.com

Such a simple favor idea that would also look amazing on the table. Find out more about creating your own at evermine.com.


12. Adorable personalized woodland baby blankets

If mama-to-be loves the woodland theme, she’s sure to love one of the personalized baby blankets for the new little one. Available in the Stork Wares store and just $39.95 including personalization.

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