What's the best baby registry? Popular online and in-store registries compared

The best baby registries: Amazon vs Target vs Buy Buy Baby vs Babies “R” Us

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Best baby registry sitesOk, so you know what you need to buy for baby, now it’s time to register! There’s lots of different places you can create a baby registry, some are great, others not so much. The 4 main stores that parents to be register at are Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby and Babies “R” Us. Amazon Baby Registry is the hands down winner for us, but the others have their place too so here’s a quick break down of each of these options so you can quickly choose the best one for you and start registering.


There are lots of great things about the Amazon baby registry that make it the number one choice for so many parents-to-be. They have a HUGE range, often have the best prices, you can add items to your registry from any store, and you get a 10% completion discount on eligible items, or if you’re an Amazon Mom member, you’ll get a 15% completion discount.
It’s also really easy for your friends and family to use the registry, and most online shoppers are already familiar with Amazon. To cater to any friends and family who aren’t online shoppers or would just prefer to go into a store to look at all the cute baby stuff, lots of parents will have a registry at one of the next three stores as well as Amazon. That way it’s easy for everyone and you have the best chance of getting the things you need.

Find out more about the benefits and start your Amazon registry here.


The Target baby registry gets really mixed reviews. With so many store locations, it is quite convenient for your friends and family who want to shop in store. They also offer some other good benefits including a 15% completion discount, up to one year from your event date to return items and free shipping on orders of $25+ if your friends do buy online.
The most common complaints with Target though are that items often end up being out of stock, product availability varies from store to store and many items are only available online. That said, lots of parents do make it work, we just wouldn’t recommend it as your ONLY registry.

Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby tend to have a great range of products, have a nice in store experience and there’s usually plenty of staff around to offer help and advice. For some the advice from staff can seem overwhelming and pushy at times, but if you go in knowing what you need, it’s not really an issue as it’s always nice to have help readily available when you need it rather than having no staff around. Or you can just create your registry online.

One of the best benefits of registering at Buy Buy Baby is you can use the 20% off coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond. As with the Amazon and Target registries, Buy Buy Baby also offer a completion discount.

While Buy Buy Baby don’t have as many store locations as Babies “R” Us, if you do have one near you and are trying to decide between the two stores, Buy Buy Baby is generally the more popular choice.

Babies “R” Us

The product range and in-store experience generally isn’t as good as Buy Buy Baby, but Babies “R” Us have way more store locations so can be more convenient if they’re closer to you. Lots of gift givers tend to shop here as well, maybe for the convenience factor so it can make it easier for your friends and family if you have a registry at Babies “R” Us.
They do offer a 10% completion discount, and you can also earn up to 10% back on purchases from your registry. They also give you up to 1 year to return items purchased from your baby registry – that said, one of the most common complaints about the Babies “R” Us registry is returning things can be difficult, so check out the return policy here so you know what you’re in for before registering.

Start your baby registry now

Now you know the pros and cons of each of the major baby registries, go get started at Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby or Babies “R” Us, or maybe you’ll pick a few of them. And if you haven’t already, download our baby essentials checklist and find out the most highly recommended baby products here.

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