The 1 and 3 day potty training books that actually WORK!

The 1 and 3 day potty training books that actually WORK!

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The 1 and 3 Day Potty Training Books that acutally WORK!

Potty training your toddler can be a bit of a tough time for some of us – stressful, messy and frustrating are some of the words that often come to mind. But when you come out the other end of it with a potty trained toddler and NO MORE DIAPER CHANGES (!) it’s totally worth it.

There’s a heap of books out there on the subject, all claiming to have the magic answer to potty training your toddler – some are great but some are awful. So which ones are worth it, and will actually help you get to the other side of toilet training with no more diaper changes?

1. The Potty Boot Camp by Dr Suzanne Riffel

The Potty Boot Camp Suzanne Riffel
Timeframe – Initial training 1 day, accident free within a week
The Potty Boot Camp by Dr Suzanne Riffel is a great e-book that has all the information that you need, without the fluff that many other books contain. It’s a quick read which makes it excellent for busy parents with a structured step by step method to follow. What makes this book even more of a great purchase is the free one on one coaching you get from the author.

This book recognizes that one method won’t work 100% of the time on 100% of children so there are alternatives to try when things aren’t quite working.

Many parents who have previously tried potty training but didn’t see success have reported this book was the one that finally got their little one potty trained and out of diapers.
Recommended for
-Parents who aren’t afraid of a little tough love to get potty training over and done with quickly
-Parents who want  a book that is quick to read so you can get right into the training

Download The Potty Boot Camp by Dr Suzanne Riffel here

2. Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day by Teri Crane

Timeframe – Initial training 1 day

Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day by Teri Crane is a much longer potty training book than others out there so you’ll need a bit more time to get through this one. That said, the time is worth the investment with many many parents finding success with Teri’s method. The secret to this method is the ‘potty party’ which is designed to fully engage your child in toilet training like no other method does.

Recommended for
-Parents who have a bit more time to get through the potty training book up front
-Can invest in the extras to have the potty party fun such as decorations, treats etc.
-Want a fun approach to potty training

3. Potty Train in Three Days by Lois Kleint

Timeframe – 3 days

Another excellent book that has stood the test of time to potty train your toddler in a short amount of time – three days. You will need to set aside the three days to dedicate to nothing but potty training (as with any program designed to work in such a short amount of time), but this method does offer a slightly more patient approach as opposed to the 1 day methods.

Recommended for
-Parents who want to take a more patient approach and can set aside 3 days to dedicate to nothing but potty training

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