Nursery decor - the things you need (minus the ones you don't)

Nursery decor must haves – the things you need (minus the ones you don’t)

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Nursery decor - what you need for newbornSetting up the baby’s nursery can be a lot of fun, and one of the most exciting things to do before your little one arrives – but with sooo many different products that can go into it, it can get overwhelming when you’re making a start. Aside from the essential crib and changing table/changing pad which we’ve dedicated posts to, these are the 5 other things that are excellent to have in the nursery.

1. Glider/rocker with ottoman

Whether for feeding or just rocking your bub to sleep, a comfortable chair in the nursery is an absolute must – it’ll not only be comfortable for you, but the back and forth motion is soothing for baby.

A nice plump glider with an ottoman to rest your feet is an excellent option. While wooden rocking chairs can look great, they’re often not all that comfortable.

Here’s a few beautiful ones for your inspiration:

Potterybarn kids tudor rocker

Potterybarn tudor rocker

Storkcraft hoop glider and ottoman

Storkcraft hoop glider and ottoman –  @ Amazon

Milo Glider and Ottoman in grey

Milo Glider and Ottoman from The Land of Nod

2. Dresser / other storage furniture

Blake dresser The Land of Nod

Blake dresser from The Land of Nod

A dresser will not only provide the storage you need for baby’s clothes and all the other small essentials, but if you have one the right size it can double as a change table too with a changing pad on the top of it.

Other storage furniture you should consider include a wardrobe, shelves and storage baskets – as you can see from our first baby checklist, there’s a tonne of new things you’ll be buying for baby so make sure you have somewhere to put it all!

3. Night light / lamp

nursery nightlight

Pottery barn kids

This one’s more for you for those night time feeds and check-ins so you don’t need to turn on the full light – the dim light from a nightlight or lamp will keep the mood mellow.

If you don’t want to have a nightlight on all night, you can opt for a dim lamp that is in an easy to reach location that you can switch on when you need it.

4. Rug or playmat for the floor

Woven Cotton Rug from

When it comes to play time with baby, that often means time on the floor together.

Look for a rug or play mat that is comfortable and also easy to clean/wash. If you are going to go with one just for it’s looks/comfort like a quality wool or shaggy rug, consider having something else to put down to protect it when you do have bub on the floor.

5. Crib mobile

crib mobile recommendations

Wimmer Ferguson mobile from Amazon

As cute as crib mobiles can be, they serve  more than just a decorative purpose – they offer visual stimulation and entertainment for your little one (check out this blog post).

When you’re choosing a mobile, remember that babies have pretty poor eyesight, and they respond best to high contrast objects so forget the cutesy pastels and go for black and white or other high contrast colors.

The Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile while not all that pretty for us adults to look, is excellent for entertaining babies with the high contrast images that you can swap out.

The mobile won’t stay over the crib for a long time – once your little one is old enough to start grabbing at it, you’ll need to move it out of arms reach otherwise it can pose a safety hazard.

Do you know exactly what you need to buy for baby? Download our baby essentials checklist and check out our baby gear guides that break it all down – we’ve done all the hard work for you!

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