The baby essentials and registry checklist new moms love

Newborn essential items checklist + top products moms recommend

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Buying-for-baby-made-easy-checklistBuying the essentials you need to get ready for the arrival of your newborn or completing your registry can be a bit overwhelming, what do you NEED, what’s a waste of money???? To make this easy for you, we’ve got two things for you…

1. The Baby Essentials Checklist aka your cheat sheet

Baby registry essentials checklist downloadWhether you use it to complete a baby registry, or you use it to check off all the essentials you need for your newborn this is your cheat sheet for making sure you get what you need (minus what you don’t). It’s not just a checklist though – we’ve linked most of the items on the list to our posts on the topic that tell you what to look for along with the best products as recommended by other moms. How do you get your baby essentials cheat sheet you ask? Just enter your details here and we’ll email it to you right away.

2. These 14 posts  that explain what to look for and the best products recommended by moms

Ok, once you’ve got the baby essentials checklist, you know what items you need, but… What are the best ones? Do I need an infant car seat or convertible car seat? What baby clothes do I actually need? Should I get a travel system or stroller with bassinet? These are just a few of the many questions most first time moms need to figure out – so we’ve answered them along with the many others you might think of along the way AND included recommendations of the products rated best by parents who own them.

The baby essentials posts

The best strollers for newborns and babies


the best car seats for newborns

Car seats

best baby carriers newborns and toddlers

Baby carriers

nursery decor things you need

Nursery decor

Best cribs bassinets and cosleepers


best baby swaddles and wearable blankets

Blankets and swaddles

changing tables and changing pads

Changing tables

Best baby bath tubs


Best baby bouncers and swings

Bouncers and swings

What baby clothes you really need to buy


breastfeeding essentials



Bottle feeding

Best video baby monitors reviewed

Best video baby monitors

Do you really need a baby monitor

Do your really need a baby monitor?

  1. Car seats What are the best car seats for infants?
  2. Strollers The best strollers for newborns and babies
  3. Baby Carriers What’s the best baby carrier?
  4. Breastfeeding All things breastfeeding – Pumps, nursing bras, covers and pillows
  5. Bottle feeding Best baby bottles (and everything else you need for bottle feeding)
  6. Clothing Baby Clothes: What do you really need?
  7. Sleeping Everything sleeping – the crib, bassinet and co-sleepers
  8. Blankets and swaddles The best baby blankets, swaddles and wearable blankets
  9. Nursery Nursery decor – the things you need (minus the ones you don’t)
  10. Changing tables All things changing tables and changing pads
  11. Bouncers and swings Baby bouncer or swing? And what are the best ones?
  12. Bathing What’s the best baby bath-tub + other bath time essentials
  13. Baby monitors Do you really need a baby monitor? and
  14. Top 4 video baby monitors

How do we come up with the best baby products to recommend? While we have our own personal favorites, we don’t believe in taking just one persons opinion on what’s best. We look at what’s popular, do our research on reviews around the internet from parents who own the products as well as authority sources. Only the products with highest percentage of positive recommendations make the list.

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