5 Free First and Second Trimester Pregnancy Workout Videos

5 Free First and Second Trimester Pregnancy Workouts You Can do at Home

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5 first and second trimester pregnancy workouts at home

Continuing to exercise while you’re pregnant can do wonders for your body both during pregnancy, and afterwards where it goes a long way in helping to get your body back into shape quicker.

Doing a workout that is designed just for pregnant women is even better – and you don’t need to go out to a gym class to find it. Here are 5 pregnancy workouts on Youtube designed for the first and second trimester that you can do at home in your own time for free. Are you in your third trimester? Check out these third trimester workouts.

Before you do any exercise while you’re pregnant make sure you check with your doctor that you can or if there are any restrictions on what you can do.

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