Do your really need a baby monitor?

Do you really need a baby monitor?

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baby-monitorGetting all the things you need for a new baby can get expensive, and one of the items that a lot of new moms wonder if they really need, and can maybe cut out of the budget, is a baby monitor.

Whether you need one comes down to a few things, here’s some scenarios where having a baby monitor could make your life easier.

You’ll want to check on baby fairly often

If you think you’ll want to check on your little one fairly often for your own peace of mind, a video baby monitor can be a god send. Say you wake up in the middle of the night (and it’s not to a cry!), you might feel the need to check in just to make sure everything is ok. When you’re already exhausted, having a baby monitor by the bed to do this is awesome so you don’t need to get out of bed to take a peek.

A baby monitor can also be really useful when you want to do things around the house while your little one is asleep – if you want to go out into the garden, do some washing or something else that takes you more than a few feet away from baby, having a monitor can give you some peace of mind so you don’t feel the need to constantly interrupt what you’re doing to check in.

Baby’s room isn’t close to yours

If you have a fairly big house, or even in a smaller house if baby’s room isn’t close to yours, a baby monitor will ensure that you hear cries at night time.

You’re a heavy sleeper

Even if baby’s room will be close to yours, if you’re a heavy sleeper it might not be loud enough to wake you up. Having a baby monitor next to the bed should take care of that though!

While a baby monitor isn’t an absolute necessity, if there’s room in your budget they can be a great item to invest in. Some mom’s go without them, but others say they can’t live without them for the above reasons.

If you will be investing in a baby monitor, the next question is what is the best one? Check out our post of the top 4 video baby monitors of 2015 as rated by real parents who have tried and tested them to keep an eye on their precious little ones.

Do you know exactly what you need to buy for baby? Download our baby essentials checklist and check out our baby gear guides that break it all down – we’ve done all the hard work for you!

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