21 Super Cute DIY Baby Halloween Costumes You can Actually Make

21 Super Cute DIY Baby Halloween Costumes You can Actually Make

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21 Easy DIY Baby CostumesEven if your little one isn’t going to say “trick or treat” or eat up all the delicious candy, there’s still plenty of fun to be had with your baby this Halloween…starting with the costumes!

Homemade Halloween costumes can be frightfully complicated and even more expensive than the pre-made variety, but they really don’t have to be.

We’ve rounded up 20 easy spooktacular DIY costumes that even the most un-crafty mom can make: no sewing machines, pricey materials, or special skills required.

1. Baby Gumball Machine

Baby Gumball costume
This costume is totally sweet – in more ways than one! Here’s how to make your own at costume-works.com.

2. A Little Old Lady

DIY Little Old Lady Baby costume
They really do grow up too fast! This super adorable costume will probably take you about 15 minutes to make. Detailed instructions here at Silver Lining.

3. A Ladybug

Baby Ladybug Halloween
Is there anything cuter than a baby in a tutu and antennae? If your little one is big enough to sit unassisted, add a pair of sparkly black wings from your local Dollar Store.
Here’s how at Sweet Tea Proper.

4. Have a (Baby) Cow, Man

Infant cow DIY costume
This pint-sized cow costume uses bottle nipples for the udders! Clever. And probably pretty entertaining for your little one, too. Get the full tutorial here at Makeit-Loveit.

5. Cotton Candy

DIY cotton candy costume
The little sweetie modelling this costume is in pink, but you could just as easily do the other classic cotton candy colour for a boy. Get the full instructions, here at Style me pretty.

6. Olaf

DIY Olaf Halloween costume
This Olaf costume is snow freaking cute, for a girl or boy…and there’s no sewing necessary!
Here’s how at The UnCoordinated Mommy.

7. Baby Owl

DIY Baby Owl
This owl costume is a real hoot. (Sorry, just couldn’t help myself.) Plus, the poncho design is great for trick or treating on a cool night, as there’s plenty of room for a coat underneath.
Here’s the full tutorial at Girl Loves Glam.

8. Just like Mommy…

Easy mummy costume
Here’s a costume you can literally wrap up minutes before your Halloween party…as well as instructions for a slightly more advanced “toddler” version if you’ve got more time at Super Lucky.

9. A Flower

Cute baby flower costume
This little flower costume is a great pick! Easily adapted for cooler climates with a green hat and a long-sleeved onesie or jammies, too. Here’s how at Your Wishcake.

10. Thing 1 and Thing 2

Thing 2 baby
If you’ve got twins, or two littles close in age, you probably don’t have a ton of time to spend on complicated costumes. Try these quick and easy Things on for size at Morena’s Corner.

11. Conversation Heart

DIY Conversation heart costume
This sweet costume is very comfortable for baby to wear and easy for mom to make: plus, it could easily do double duty for a Valentine’s day photo shoot. Complete instructions available here at Rosyscription.

12. A Cheeseburger

Cheeseburger Halloween costume
Here’s a DIY costume that looks good enough to eat! And chances are your little one will try it.
Get the instructions here at Creating Really Awesome Fun Things.

13. Football Player and matching ball

Baby and toddler football costume
This matched set of costumes for your little football fans is adorable: just make sure the eldest doesn’t try to kick a field goal! The DIY details are available here at blue i style.

14. Princess Elsa

At first glance, this one looks pretty complicated…until you find out the dress is a thrift store find dyed Elsa’s signature turquoise blue! A perfect fit for your little princess. Get all the details at Kiki & Company

15. Short Stack Pancakes

Baby pancake costume
After you’re done whipping up this delicious pancake costume, dab a little real maple syrup behind her ears as a finishing touch. Just kidding. But seriously, if this costume doesn’t make you want to nibble on your baby, I’m not sure what will. Here’s the full instructions at two twenty one.

16. Baby Koala

DIY Koala baby costume
How cute is this koala? And smart, too: all the felt bits are attached with safety pins, so the hat and clothes can be worn again after the big event. Here’s the how-to at Creating Really Awesome Fun Things.

17. Mickey Mouse

DIY Mickey Mouse
If you’ve got ears, say cheers! And if the idea of cutting two brand-new onesies in half is too scary for you (as it would be for me!) you could make this easy-peasy costume idea even simpler by using a red diaper cover for the bloomers. Here’s your how-to at living the dream.

18. Baby Carrot

Easy baby carrot costume
Another cute and clever baby costume that preserves a onesie for future wear. The leafy top is basically an upside-down tutu, so it’s got some re-wear potential, too. The full instructions are available here at Creating Really Awesome Fun Things.

19. Princess Leia

DIY Princess Leia Baby Halloween costume
So your baby loves Star Wars, but she hasn’t got enough hair yet for Leia’s famous hairstyle? Make this adorable yarn wig. Complete the look with a two-sizes-too-big white turtleneck or tunic tied around the belly with a ribbon or belt. See here for the wig instructions at Repeat Crafter Me.

20. The Ghost

Easy baby ghost costume
This baby-sized version of a Halloween classic is so cute (and easy) it’s scary. I made this costume for my littlest spook when she was about six weeks old, and I’m the least crafty person I know. Here’s the tutorial I followed at mydiycreations.

21. Charlie Brown

DIY Charlie Brown costume

This one is suuuuper easy, and super cute! Check out just how easy it is at Emily McCall.

Happy Halloween!

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