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Baby Shower Etiquette 101: Tips For Every Mom To Be

By Rosalynn Tyo

So you’ve made it through the first trimester, and hopefully the worst of that so-called morning sickness is in the past, too.  You’ve shared the exciting news with your loved ones, and when you’re not doodling baby names in the margins of your journal or oooohing over cute nurseries on Pinterest, you’re looking at lists […]


5 Baby Shower Gifts for Parents With a Sense of Humor

By Sara

Buying a gift for a baby shower can be a total headache, particularly if you don’t have kids yourself. Do you get the diaper cake or the super cute little socks that the mom-to-be will probably get 10 of? Forget those, here’s 5 gift ideas that’ll also give the parents to be a bit of a […]

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5 Things to do for YOU Before the Baby is Due

By Krista

You probably have a huge checklist of things to organize before the baby arrives, and while you’re thinking about what you need for the baby, it can be easy to forget about yourself. Here are 5 things you can do for you before the baby is due to make it more a more enjoyable and […]

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First time mom’s nursery checklist: The 9 must haves

By Krista

Setting up the baby’s nursery can be a lot of fun, and one of the most exciting things to do before your little one arrives – but with sooo many different products that can go into it, it can get overwhelming when you’re making a start. Here’s our checklist of 9 must haves for the […]

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