Boba wrap vs Moby wrap: Is one better than the other?

Boba wrap vs Moby wrap: Is one better than the other?

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Boba wrap and Moby wrap side by sideUnlike a soft structured carrier, which is secured with buckles, snaps, and straps, a wrap is simply a very long piece of fabric meant to be wound around and tied on the body with the baby snuggled inside. Given the incredible simplicity of this design, can there be any difference from one brand to the next?

Well, Boba and Moby, two of the most popular wraps on the market, do have all of their most important features in common. Both are:

• long enough to suit parents of (very nearly) all shapes and sizes;
• designed to comfortably and safely support babies in the range of 7-35lbs, though arguably best suited for babies in the range of 7-15lbs;
• available in a rainbow of colors and patterns, all of which are, naturally, machine washable and ultra-safe for a curious little one to chew on;
• widely considered great “beginner” wraps for new parents, and
• packaged with instructions on the surprisingly numerous ways to tie it, many of which allow for comfortable on-the-go breastfeeding.

And yet, despite all of these similarities, there is one key difference between the two wraps: spandex. The Boba has it, and the Moby doesn’t.


The Boba is made of a high-quality French terry material that many wearers say feels like a very soft, well-loved sweatshirt. It is 95% cotton and 5% spandex, and is meant to be tied quite firmly around the body. Once tied, the spandex provides just enough “give” for the wearer to pull the wrap away from her body before tucking the little one inside and then letting it snap (ever-so-gently of course!) back into place to support the child’s weight.

Many devoted Boba wearers love that bit of stretch, and feel confident that they can’t really tie it too tightly; others find it is just “too stretchy” and feel that the spandex allows the baby to sag over the course of a walk in the wrap.


The Moby, on the other hand, comes in two different fabrications: the Classic (100% cotton) and Bamboo (70% bamboo viscose, 30% cotton), which is even softer and more breathable than the cotton. Though these wraps do stretch a bit with use and time, they do not have the “give” that the spandex provides in a Boba. Fans of this brand say it feels more supportive of the baby’s weight, because it does not have that bit of stretch, yet newbies often find it more difficult to tie, as that lack of stretch means there is more trial-and-error involved in hitting the balance between tight-enough and too-tight.

So, which one is right for you?

Though both brands have many devoted fans, even they find it difficult to say one is “better” than the other: it’s purely a matter of personal taste. It’s worth noting, too, that many parents like neither, for reasons the two wraps hold in common.

Some petite wearers are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of fabric, while others, particularly first-time parents, are overwhelmed by the learning curve associated with tying it. Some mamas find their husbands won’t wear it but will wear a soft structured carrier, and it’s hard to deny that the wraps have a more feminine or “crunchy” look even in the popular, gender-neutral shades of grey. Others yet find the wraps are not practical for wearing outdoors if you’re not walking there, because it is difficult to tie on without dragging the “tails” on the floor (an obvious problem in a muddy parking lot or icky shop floor), though wearing it around the house is a dream-come-true.

A carrier that some say is better than both

To throw one more product into the mix, the Baby K’tan is a great alternative to both the Moby and Boba. You get all the benefits of a wrap style carrier, without having to actually wrap it. Check it out here and you’ll see why it’s a really popular alternative.

Whether you choose a Boba or Moby (or maybe the Baby K’tan has caught your interest now?), you can be confident you’ve chosen a good quality wrap that will carry you through your little one’s first few months (and maybe even beyond!).

Good luck with your shopping, and congratulations on your bundle of joy!

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