Baby clothes: what do you really need to buy?

Baby clothes list: what do you really need for your newborn?

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Baby clothes you need for a newbornIt can be so tempting to buy a heap of baby clothes before your little one arrives. Who doesn’t love those teeny tiny socks, cute printed onesies, adorable hats and all the other little things that make us go gaga?! But try not to get too carried away with the baby clothes – you don’t know what size your newborn will be, babies grow out of their clothes super quick and you’ll also probably get A LOT of clothes as gifts from friends and family.

Here’s a list of what we recommend you should buy (or put on your registry) so you have enough to get you through the first couple of months, without having too many clothes that don’t get worn.

The clothes to buy for the first few months

Wrap shirts (newborn size)

Gerber unisex newborn kimono long sleeve shirtAlso called side snap shirts or kimono shirts, these are great for the first couple of weeks as they don’t rub on the umbilical cord stub, and also, you don’t need to put them over your baby’s head which can be a little bit daunting at first. Some moms (particularly in a warmer climate) go with just a wrap shirt, diaper and swaddle for the first few weeks which makes all the diaper changes you’ll be doing much easier. Shop kimono shirts here>>


newborn baby kushies pantsGreat to go with the wrap shirts for a newborn, and with onesies in colder climates, you can either get regular old pants, or the footed ones which are excellent to keep baby’s feet warm without having to worry about socks coming off. Girls pants | Boys pants



Babysoy footed pyjamasFront snap pajamas are the easiest to get on and off. These are usually footed and can also be called a number of things including ‘footie’  ‘sleeper’, ‘coveralls’, ‘romper’ and ‘sleep and play’. Check them out here




organic cotton kimono newborn onesieThe quintessential baby item – the onesie is pretty much a bodysuit that comes with either short sleeves or long sleeves.

Onesies basically come in two different closure styles: the ones that close with snaps around the bottom which you’ll need to pull over baby’s head to get on, or kimono style ones that have snaps at the bottom as well as a closure at the side so you don’t need to pull it over baby’s head. Shop onesies>>


Trumpette baby socksSocks are really all you need to put on your baby’s feet, unless it’s really cold then you could go with shoes or booties as well for extra warmth. The most important thing is finding socks that will stay on your little ones feet for more than 5 seconds.

So what are the best brands that will stay on? There’s a number of brands out there that lots of moms swear by; here are a few of the most popular:

1. Trumpette socks
These not only stay on well, but they are super cute too! They come in a variety of prints that look like shoes – take your pick from ballet shoes, sneakers, mary janes and heaps more.
2. Robeez
3. Hanna Andersson – Best Ever First Socks

Stretchy hats

Gap baby newborn hats

Gap Favorite knot hat 2 pack

While they’re not necessary all the time, if it’s cold, or you’ll be going out into the cold it’s great to have these to keep your little one’s head warm, particularly as a newborn. The stretchy, knit or jersey ones are the best at staying on.



Baby clothing sizes 

Newborn – The amount of time a baby will fit into new born clothes really varies. Some are too big for them right from birth, while others can wear them for a couple of months – though a couple of weeks is the most common.  It’s good to have some newborn clothes, but definitely don’t go overboard. You can always buy more once your little one has arrived and you know what size you need.

Try to only remove the tags and wash some of the newborn clothes before your little one is born. That way if your baby is too big for some of the clothes you have, you can return them and get the sizes you need.

0-3, 3, 0-6, 6 etc.

Clothing sizes past newborn are tagged based on the age they fit. So 0-3 is for babies aged between 0 to 3 months, 3-6 is for babies aged 3 to 6 months etc. Some brands will also tag baby clothes just as 3, 6, 9 etc. In this case, the number is the age that they can be worn up to, so a 3 would be for 0 to 3 months and a 6 would be for 3 to 6 months.

Obviously this all varies quite a bit between brands; some run small, some run large, and we know that not all babies are the same size for their age so that plays a big factor too. But unlike newborn sizes, at least with the bigger sizes your little one should fit into them at some stage, even if it’s not in line with the recommended age.

Do you know exactly what you need to buy for baby? Download our baby essentials checklist and check out our baby gear guides that break it all down – we’ve done all the hard work for you!

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