5 Things To Do For You Before The Baby is Due

5 Things to do for YOU Before the Baby is Due

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You probably have a huge checklist of things to organize before the baby arrives, and while you’re thinking about what you need for the baby, it can be easy to forget about yourself.

Here are 5 things you can do for you before the baby is due to make it more a more enjoyable and manageable time, and fit in some of those things that tend to slip away for a while when you have a newborn.

1. Get your hair done, eyebrows waxed and any other pampering you see fit 🙂

Firstly, there’s going to be lots of photos taken in the hospital, and getting your hair done, your eyebrows waxed and anything else you usually do to look great, before you go into labor will make you feel a whole lot better.

Secondly, getting out of the house to get these things done isn’t going to be a priority in the first few weeks with your newborn, so get it done while you can.

2. Get some post-baby clothes

Once you’ve had the baby, you’re not going to fit into your old clothes right away, and also won’t fit into your maternity clothes either (particularly pants or anything fitted). Look for some stretchy or loose fitting but flattering clothes that you’ll feel good in during the postpartum time.

It’s a great excuse to go shopping for you, and will be one of those times that finding what you need should be fairly easy – hello stretchy loose pants, I wish I could wear them all the time!

While you’re shopping for you, stock up on these postpartum must haves that will help make your recovery more comfortable. And if you want to help get your tummy back in shape postpartum, look for an effective postpartum girdle that can help you do just that.

3. Spend quality time with your partner

Make the most of the last time you’ll have as just you two. It could be as simple as a date night at home with movies and take out, or as big as going on a baby moon (if you’re still early enough in your pregnancy to travel comfortably). Whatever you pick, just enjoy your time together as just you two before focus shifts to your newborn.

4. Prepare and freeze some meals

This will be one of the biggest helps once you bring baby home. Cooking will be one of the last things you feel like doing in the first few days (or weeks) while you adjust to having a newborn, so prepare ahead and spend an afternoon before hand cooking some meals. If you enjoy cooking, this can be a very enjoyable and relaxing way to spend the afternoon, and when you get to just grab one of those meals out of the freezer while living newborn life, it’ll feel like bliss.

5. See a movie or finish reading that book

It could be a while before you get a chance to go to the cinemas again, or have enough time (or mental energy) to read a book – fit one in before you’re due.

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