5 Things a Jogging Stroller Must Have

5 Things a Jogging Stroller Must Have

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Five things a jogging stroller must have

If you’re in the market for a jogging stroller to get outdoors and exercise with bub, there’s 5 things the stroller you go with MUST have.

1.     Lockable front wheel

The lockable or fixed front wheel keeps the stroller on course so you don’t need to fight against the stroller to keep it going the direction you want. Without the wheel fixed in a straight ahead position, it can actually be dangerous when you’re jogging or running, as even small obstacles like a pebble can send your stroller off in the wrong direction.

2.     Suspension, air filled tyres and shock absorbers

The suspension system, just like on a car or a bike is what makes it a smooth and comfortable ride for your child, without these (like in a normal stroller), it’ll be a rather bumpy ride when you’re jogging.

3.     Padded seat and safety harness

The padded seat obviously makes the ride more comfortable for baby or toddler, but adds to their protection too with the slight movement they may experience while you’re jogging. A 5 point safety harness is an absolute must, and one that is padded is even better.

4.    Safety tether

This attaches to your wrist and is vital to the safety of your child when you’re jogging. If for some reason you lose grip of the stroller or you trip, the stroller can’t get away from you and end up in a dangerous spot.

5.     Adjustable sun canopy

If you’re using a jogging stroller, you’ll obviously always be in the great outdoors with it. Look for a stroller that has a sun canopy that you can adjust so you can make it just right to protect bub wherever the sun is coming from.

While most strollers dubbed a ‘jogging stroller’ will have these features, the quality of them varies significantly between brands and models. Typically, a jogging stroller is one of those items where you get what you pay for. The cheaper options often don’t perform as well, and make jogging not so easy for you, and not so comfortable for bub.

The best thing you can do is read reviews from real parents who own the stroller you’re looking at to see how it performed for them. As a start, check out the BOB Revolution SE – it is one of the highest rated jogging strollers that meets all of these requirements and can make jogging as easy as possible with a stroller.

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