5 Classic Baby Girl Names Inspired by Old Hollywood Movie Stars


If you want a classic, timeless name for your baby girl, you can’t go past these 5 classic names that are inspired by some of the most beautiful women in Old Hollywood. Having been in style for over 50 years, these pretty names aren’t going anywhere and have proved popular yet again in the top baby names list for 2013.

Here they are:


Popularity in 2013: #5 with 15,129 baby girls given the name.

The movie star: Inspired by the gorgeous Ava Gardner who was one of Hollywood’s real screen sirens


Popularity in 2013: #22 with 7,296 baby girls given the name

The movie star: Grace Kelly who was known for her impeccable style, sophistication and stunning looks.


Popularity in 2013: #32 with 5,567 baby girls given the name.

The movie star: Audrey Hepburn who is one of the biggest movie and fashion icons from the 20th Century. Another Hollywood beauty who exuded elegance.


Popularity in 2013: #10 with 9,345 baby girls given the name.

The movie star: Elizabeth Taylor who, apart from the many movies she starred in, was recognised for her beauty, her extravagant jet-set lifestyle and her charitable ventures.


Popularity in 2013: The number 1 most popular name in 2013 with 21,075 baby girls given the name.

The movie star: Italian actress Sophia Loren.

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