5 Baby Shower Gifts for Parents With a Sense of Humor

5 Baby Shower Gifts for Parents With a Sense of Humor

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msutache pacifier

Buying a gift for a baby shower can be a total headache, particularly if you don’t have kids yourself. Do you get the diaper cake or the super cute little socks that the mom-to-be will probably get 10 of? Forget those, here’s 5 gift ideas that’ll also give the parents to be a bit of a laugh.

1. The classic ‘Go the Fu*k to Sleep’ book

Listen to a hilarious reading of it here:

You can buy it on Amazon here.

2. A funny onesie

There are a heap of funny onesies available online, ranging from the mildly funny yet not offensive like the one pictured below, to many featuring inappropriate sayings involving boobs, drinking etc. that most adults will get a laugh out of. Search for ‘funny baby onesies’ and you’ll find hundreds to choose from.

I only cry when ugly people hold me onesie

Via Teespring.com $19.99

3. A mustache Pacifier

mustache pacifier funny baby gift

Via Amazon.com

…or maybe a vampire pacifier

vampire pacifier baby shower present

Via Amazon.com

4. Some random household products

These will be funny when you hand them over, but super useful once the baby arrives. Some ideas include:

Air freshener

Buy a few – most useful for wherever diapers will be changed, but also to give the rest of the house a freshen up when the new parents are too exhausted from adjusting to life with a newborn.


For the new baby items that need them such as the bouncer or swing that’s battery powered. Also useful later on when baby starts playing with toys that need batteries.

Laundry baskets

Even though it’s little, there’ll be lots more washing to be done and sit around waiting to be folded, a couple of extra laundry baskets can come in very handy.

5. These very descriptive burp cloths

Give the parents a taste of what’s to come, and once baby arrives they’ll come in very handy!

funny burp cloths

Via Etsy.com



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