15 Funny Pregnancy Memes

15 Memes Perfect For Those Last Few Weeks of Pregnancy

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When you’ll wear whatever fits.

Sweatpants are all that fits
Leggings as pants

Or maybe you’re beyond the point of wearing pants…
No pants pregnancy meme

and your own shirts.
Husbands shirt pregnancy meme

Can’t sleep…

Need to pee meme
Pregnant sleep meme

Or get out of bed.

Trying to get out of bed

And…can’t. stop. peeing.

Have to pee again meme

You do crave one thing…food!

Eating pregnancy meme

Sorry, it’s the pregnancy hormones.

Sorry pregnancy meme

When you’re over being told how huge you are.

Ask if having twins

And want this baby out!

Wish baby would be born meme

Tired of waiting labor meme

Ready to have this baby

Pregnant cat meme

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